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Beauty Delivery that brings comfort and well-being to you, through a new experience at home, through our qualified specialists and attentive to new trends. The services are requested directly by the ELLA APP, which can be performed at your home, salons or wherever you want!

Who we are?

Who is ELLA?

Ella is a beauty and wellness app developed in Rio Grande do Sul, offering at house services, salons, hotels and more.


Standing out for its services at home, which brings the following modalities: brush, manicure and pedicure, massage, eyebrow design, makeup and waxing. The option of services in salons includes all the services available by partner salons either at the establishment or at the client's home.

Our exclusive chemistry with customers says everything about what we really do. We bring comfort, safety and quality to our customers. We dare say that Ella is the magic they need! We combine perfect technology with the most talented and skilled beauty professionals, so you can have an incredible moment, and be incredible at your moment! We are revolutionary in what we do, and in practical terms we are safe and super happy. With Ella you are more!

"My makeup is 100% reliable with Ella, it can be in the salon or at home I have no concern for the quality and safety of the service."





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For your best moments, Ella is the best way to bring you more beauty and comfort and practicality.

Become an Expert!

With Ella you can do more! Make your schedule, accept orders when you want and get more customers and more money.

Ella is perfect!

There is no bad day with the app. I ask for a beauty service or even a massage, there is always a specialist to attend! Ella always saves me.


Helena Crizel

CEO - Founder

Helena Crizel has worked for over 27 years in the sales area, and her goal is always: to achieve results and develop people. From a simple family, Helena lost her mother at 6 years of age and her father shortly after turning 16, with this she understood very early on that she would have two paths to choose, “Play for life to take you somewhere or fight for your space and reach your goal ”. His first and distant dream was to go to college, with an effort and struggle was won. Over the years she understood that her greatest education was the “faculty of life” - she paid an absurdly high price, but an excellent graduation. As a caregiver of children, in her first formal job at the age of 18, in a vacancy advertised for the “male” sex, she managed to get the vacancy to be hers. Since then Helena remains in love with the commercial area, never leaving her greatest allies: Focus and determination.

We are a family owned and operated business.

When she was taking a flight in her career, Helena became a mother, and over the years, she felt in her skin how difficult it is to be a mother, a woman and maintain her professional career with the same competence as before and fight for her space in the market. highly competitive work environment. The most incredible thing is that it takes everything as an apprenticeship. Her daughter is a very good friend and partner, and they started to work together, Helena in consulting for companies and helping her daughter in the commercial part for the company they formed. In mid-2017 her daughter inspired to learn about the digital world and trends, so she felt it was time to seek knowledge about, and that was how she started her journey of knowledge, driven by her daughter. At that time, he set as his main objective: Learn about technology to apply to your business! However, never failing to appreciate the importance of the human being side in business relations.

We are a family owned and operated business.

She had a dormant dream of opening up aesthetics, time went by and the feasibility of becoming real distancing ... In June 2018 her “entrepreneurship” side spoke louder, and with that ELLA APLICATIVO was born. From a simple idea, a business model for the female universe, she met Alex Wildner, presented the proposal and less than thirty days brought her first prototype. In the "early stage" they started to develop the application, which at the end of 2019 came to fruition. For users, comfort, safety and practicality for women in their daily lives, providing increased self-esteem. Recalling that today's woman plays a fundamental role in society, generating transformation wherever she goes. For beauty professionals, the opportunity to undertake their business within a collective space. In order to achieve financial independence, emancipation and be protagonists of their stories. May the platform not only be a technological innovation, but a way to introduce or replace professionals in the job market and that they have foundations for success in their careers, taking with them the magic of feeling happy and fulfilled.

We are a family owned and operated business.

The Ella App did not come to the market to compete with the salons and aesthetics segment, on the contrary, soon, it will be developing tools on the platform to increase the capture and visibility of its services and bringing more customers with the technology.

Always good to remember, that the Ella App fights for rights such as total equality between genders and beauty professionals, without any gender distinction, and everyone is very welcome to work and grow together.

Ella is the best beauty app in Brazil. With the application you can order a beauty service at home, salons, hotels or anywhere else you want.

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