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The ELLA team thought about how to welcome and present that Woman who beat her opponents (medicines, therapies, absences) and who became stronger and more beautiful, so she invited a beautiful, strong Woman with a wonderful life example to create and sign the Bella's scarf to present some women who participate in programs supported by community health entities and agents.

“I was raised in an environment of flowers, yarns, fabrics and lace and I grew up watching my mother doing crochet, knitting and many handicrafts and with living together I learned to like this work that I dedicate myself today with

my daughter making wedding dresses so she can make dreams come true. ”

"For many years, I have been working to create and bring dolls dressed beautifully for girls with cancer, as a way of giving affection and joy to them. Now, with this invitation to develop handkerchiefs that will be delivered to women who are suffering from cancer, I feel extremely honored and flattered. It's a small way to contribute with a piece that can help these women's self-esteem. The scarves were developed with all their heart. It is a small gesture and I am grateful to participate in this collaborative movement between women, which promotes emotional empowerment through unity and support. "


Magda Isoppo Assis, stylist.

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