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When old age arrives, accept it, love it. It is plentiful in pleasures if you know how to love it. The years that gradually decline are among the sweetest in a man's life. Even when you have reached the extreme limit of hair, they still reserve pleasures. ” Seneca



With the collaboration of Ella's team of Beauty experts and its users, the ELLA App supports institutions that welcome senior citizens with a day dedicated to taking care of beauty and personal well-being with makeup, massage, brushing and nails within the objectives of the “ELLA Que Abraça" campaign, which helps transform the lives of women and men.

We seek to strengthen people and organizations that are part of the geriatric area: health professionals, especially recreational educators, physical educators, public managers and beauty professionals. All in favor of a cause that welcomes the elderly.

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Ella is the best beauty app in Brazil. With the application you can order a beauty service at home, salons, hotels or anywhere else you want.

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